Cadence Clubhouse

photo courtesy of Josef Mueller

The Steel Farmers stole the show at the Cadence Clubhouse in Allison Park, PA on Saturday, October 22, 2022. A good turnout of friends and family members enjoyed the event, and everyone had a good time. The two hours of cover music went quickly, so we didn’t have to resort to originals (a blessing for all). One table-server was overheard saying “You guys are fun. Some of our bands are kind of boring.” At least it is good to be in the not-so-boring category once in a while! No one asked for autographs, but we were given dinner, and everyone was out of there by 9:30pm. We highly recommend you visit the Cadence Clubhouse in Allison Park, the coolest “Biker Bar” in Pittsburgh (they sell bicycles)!

In honor of Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” which made our setlist, checkout his interview with Howard Stern about being yourself when performing and producing music. We really agree with him on this one; it’s worth a watch (pardon the expletives): Neil Young on Woodstock…

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