about us

Good job to you for arriving at this developing website for the Steel Farmers, a musical community dedicated to sharing and caring for some of the greatest classic rock, folk, blues, and country music out there! Like many people in the 1970s and 80s I grew up in a family and social life filled with music. My siblings and friends always talked about music, musicians and musical instruments (usually loud ones). I played in a very semi-pro rock band in high school in Illinois (with lots of farmers) but left it for a while in order to concentrate on college and graduate studies. Now a middle-aged Catholic priest in Pittsburgh (with lots of steel) I increasingly realize that nothing is random in God’s universe, and that the songs and tricks I learned as a younger person still have value today and can be shared. I experience a great reward watching and listening to people sing and laugh together, no one taking themselves or each other too seriously, but respectfully recognizing the blessings of friendship and the great family to which we all belong as His children. God bless you!

~Fr. Marty John Miller

You can reach us at: admin@steelfarmers.org